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Abstract: This paper deals with simulation of D-STATCOM used for voltage sag mitigation with the help of VSI circuit. A Power quality problem is an occurrence manifested as a nonstandard voltage, current or frequency that results in a failure of end user equipments. This work describes the techniques of correcting the supply voltage sag, swell and interruption in a distributed system. D-STATCOM works based on the VSI principle and injects a current into the system to correct the voltage sag, swell and interruption. The simulation of the D-STATCOM is performed in the Simulink environment and the results are presented.

Keywords: Distribution Static Synchronous Compensator (D-STATCOM), Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), Power Quality, Reactive Power Control, Voltage Source Converter (VSC).

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9518

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