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Abstract With an emphasis on a cleaner environment and efficient operation, Electric vehicles are now widely used. However, the electric vehicle suffers from a relatively Short driving Range and long charging times. Regenerative System is an effective approach for electric vehicles to extend their driving range. Every time we step on our electric vehicle’s brake to slow down or stop the vehicle, we are wasting energy. So when the electric vehicle slows down, the kinetic energy that was propelling it in a forward direction has to go somewhere. Most of it simply gets released in the form of heat and becomes useless. That energy that could have been used to do work, is essentially wasted. So by using Regenerative System, we can recollect energy during the coasting and braking period. In this regenerative system, the Kinetic energy of the front wheel is utilized and the Regenerative mechanism is implemented. The regenerative system not only results in recovery of the energy but, also increases the efficiency of our electric vehicle and we can also charge the battery of the electric vehicle. Hence Regenerative system helps to increase the driving range.

Keywords-Regenerative System, BLDC , Electric vehicle etc

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10436

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