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Abstract: Security is very essential now days as most people are at work and their homes remain closed for most of the time. So a need of a security system even when we are away from it is essential. In our project we are trying to provide a security system through which the owner and the members can keep an eye on their home while being away from it. This system uses a vibration sensor for monitoring vibrations. Vibrations occur when a thief or unwanted entry tries to break in the door/window and tries to enter. The controller (Node MCU) senses the vibrations and sends the values to Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry pi checks the values and compares with the desired set of values. If the input value is greater than the threshold value then it turns ON a buzzer and the Raspberry Pi controller sends a message to the desired owners of the system and the security department and it starts the video capturing of the scene. The owner can then live stream the video by simply typing the IP address of the Pi controller in the web browser. In this way the owner can take desired actions in the future.

Keywords: Vibration Sensor, Raspberry Pi, Node MCU, Live Stream the Video

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2018.697

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