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Abstract: In the present day accidents are the major problem on the earth as the use of the hazards due to vehicles is also increasing human life is more important than anything else. The main cause for accident is high diverting drive drunk and drive over trees and electronic gadgets timely helping it more important than helping and lending hand ( so we have designed and suggest the project in such a way that it is save human life during emergency place of accident the axis of the vehicle and GSM module send the alert message on the registered mobile no with the location of the accident today's road accident are increasing suddenly and it is one of major cause for death of human the time between the accident and when the ambulance reaches the location of accident place and important role in saving the human life we decrease the time between when accident across and when the need emergency are sent to the location decrease mortality rates we and human life the main aim of the project is accident location intimation through SMS by using GSM

Keywords- GSM, GPS, Vibration sensor, LCD

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9562

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