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Abstract: Oil immersed power electrical device being vital and extremely high-priced is main backbone and hub of power transmission & distribution system. Its failure not only causes its own damage however, directly have an effect on the protection, stability and desirableness of the facility grid system. An influence electrical device has to be tested sporadically for its protection and safe operation. These checks embody routine check, temperature rise check, non-conductor kind tests; short withstand check, sound level check, insulation observance tests, impulse check, field service check etc. Mineral oil is wide used as liquid insulation in high voltage instrumentation. Due to environmental issues, recently natural esters are thought of as naturally friendly liquid insulation candidates for prime voltage transformers. Heat and wetness were the most reasons for the degradation of the insulation layer and caused corrosion to the oil tank.

Keywords: Power Transformer, Insulation Oil, Breakdown Voltage (BDV), Moisture Contents, Resistivity, Tan Delta, Interfacial Tension And Flash Point

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.7904

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