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Abstract: This paper presents a feasibility study of the opportunity to utilize the hybrid power system in Karimun Jawa island, Indonesia. This small island is located at 5° 49′ 9.01″ S, 110° 27′ 32.4″ E with land area about 71.2km². The research was conducted to optimize and support the stand-alone diesel power plant of diesel power Legon Bajak with hybrid solar PV to reduce fuel cost and CO2 emission. The systems are switching each other at least 12 hours a day where the solar PV is generated in daytime and diesel engine generator at night time. From the calculation, it is found that generators increase to 5,400 kW with solar PV-diesel hybrid power systems. By implemented the system, the fuel cost is reduced until 50% from the daily fuel cost around 50 million rupiahs to 25 million rupiahs in a day. By the calculation of the Net Present Value (NPV) and especially the Internal Rate of Return (IRR), this project can be held because the IRR (20.9%) is greater than the discount rate (4.25%) in 3 years.

Keywords: Feasibility Study, Diesel Generator, Hybrid Power System, Karimun Jawa, Small Island Electrification

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.7312

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