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ABSTRACT: Extracting energy from biomass is an important alternative to produce different types of energy (heat, electricity, or both) assuring low pollution and better efficiency. The aim of this work is to develop an electronic system using ESP8266 platform connected to a gas sensor, to measure and display the curve of daily methane production on processing. The sensor will send the gas values in ppm to the ESP8266 board so that the later sends the RS232 hardware protocol. The code developed with processing will transform the values into a curve and display it on the computer screen. There are 2 main objectives of this study being carried out; firstly to determine whether food wastes (canteen and cafeterias wastes) can produce methane gas (biogas) that can generate heat and electricity and secondly to establish how much methane gas (biogas) can be produced with the certain amount of the feedstock. It should be pointed out that this MBPP can generate 600kW electricity per day as this system can generate electricity about 25kW/h. The methane produced per day is approximately 180 cubic meters. The higher the wastes, the higher the amount of methane gas produced. The cow dung is used to increase the bacteria in the tank; the methane gas production will be higher if the bacteria breed.

KEYWORDS: Biogass, Anaerobic digestion,MQ-2,esp8266

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.91208

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