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Abstract: In today’s world tampering detection and problems related to power savings are in huge amount. To avoid this many function energy meters for automatic meter reading using arduino kit are IOT based. It has facility of connecting with central database maintained by some energy provider using computing devices which can prevent theft detection from unauthorized users thus by leading to power saving losses. Remarkable feature of this meter is IOT based implementation which makes it faster, reliable and cost effective. Now a days, for high speed data rates the wireless system is used for communication protocol. The combine characteristics of the wireless technology and with micro controller ATMega16 can resolve the shortcoming of the technology. For Arduino Meter the hardware implementation was designed and analyzed .The chances of manual errors and delay in processing and misusage of the electricity by other sources. It requires many sets workers such as; one set of workers to write the reading and other set to cut down the power if payment is not paid at the right time.

Keywords: Arduino, Micro controller, Internet of Things, etc.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2018.672

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