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Abstract: In the current situation, air pollution has become a major problem in India. Corresponding to a recent international report, most of India's cities are heavily polluted. Major sectors contributing to business pollution and transportation. Of these 51% of air pollution is caused by the industrial sector and 27% by the transport sector. Air pollution donates to the premature death of 2 million Indians each year. To lessen air pollution, Electric Vehicles (EV) can help as a boon in plummeting GHG emissions. Electric vehicles negotiating many benefits such as reducing pollution levels then reducing oil import bills etc. Though there are a large quantity of threats to the growth of electric vehicles in India. This paper delivers a brief review of the collected works on electric vehicles then covers the benefits besides threats to the development of EVs in India.

Air pollution is one of the utmost threats in the international context, and in a country including of world second largest population of nearly a 130 million (corresponding to 17.7% of world’s population), people remain discovering problematic to breath in most of the metropolitan cities. India is fronting certain serious air pollution issues meanwhile a decade then it is increasing at an alarming rate. The main reason of this exponential upsurge in the pollution levels is poor fuel quality, old vehicles, inadequate maintenance, congested traffic, poor road condition then old automotive technologies and traffic management system.

The major pollutants produced from the automobiles are hydrocarbons, nitrogen dioxide, lead, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, and particulate matter. Aim behindhand large share of vehicular pollution is India’s gigantic automotive industry i.e., 4th largest in the world. According to the Ref., the populace of electric vehicle in India is increasing at the rate of 37.5%. And the government is intent the more concern nearby the Electric Vehicles then charging stations. In alignment, placement of charging station has been upcoming to enhance the charging stations and bring the maximum power as per the requirement.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10401

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