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Abstract: Image Compression is a completely critical device for today`s tremendous escalating generation. As it paperwork the premise for garage compatibility and cost-efficiency. Image compression, i.e., discount withinside the byte length of pics immensely facilitates in clean and higher evaluation of items just like the humongous moon. In the far flung sensing and scientific industry, photo evaluation has a main function in element fine evaluation and different analytical purposes. In general, those pics eat plenty of area for this reason it's far a difficult assignment to well keep them. Researchers have used plenty of photo compression algorithms for lots years. However, a main disadvantage of them is that, because of the excessive compression ratio, an excessive amount of statistics loss is there. Therefore, it isn't appropriate for an in-depth evaluation of far flung sensing and scientific properties. In this communication, we have proposed a image compression technique using sinusoidal amplitude grating. For better quality of the images, we have maintained a low compression ratio. PSNR value of the output images proved the better-quality indication of our method.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10442

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