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Abstract: Flooding is typically brought on by an increased quantity of water during a water system, sort of a lake, river overflowing. On occasion a dam fractures, abruptly releasing a huge quantity of water. The outcome is that a number of the water travels into soil, and ‘flooding’ the region. Rivers are involving river banks, in a station. Aside from lack of products and house and office property, streets infrastructure flood water consists of bacteria and sewage flow of waste sites and chemical spillage which results in a variety of diseases afterwards.

Flood predictions need information like: The speed of change in river stage on a realtime basis, which can help indicate the seriousness and immediacy of this threat. Understanding the form of storm generating the moisture, such as length, intensity and a real extent, which is valuable for discovering potential seriousness of the flood. In this system we make use of a Arduino Uno interfaced with 4 different sensors, named as Ultrasonic sensor for measuring water levels, float sensor detect full water, Flow sensor for knowing speed of water and humidity sensor. These combinations of sensor are used to predict flood and alert respective authorities with help of IOT and sound instant alarm in nearby villages to instantly transmit information about possible floods. These sensors provide information over the IOT using Wifi module. On detection of conditions of flooding the system predicts the quantity of your time it might take to arrive a specific area and alerts the villages/areas that would be affected by it. The system also calculates the time it might deem flood to succeed in them and provides a time to people in order that they will evacuate accordingly.

Keywords: Flood Detection, IOT, Sensors, Arduino, GSM Module

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.8312

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