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Abstract: Energy emergency is one of the excellent issues in the third world non-industrial nation like Bangladesh. There is a huge hole among age and request of electrical energy. Almost half populace of the nation is very secluded from this favoring. Sustainable power is the main solution to address this issue. Sun based energy is perhaps the best asset of the sustainable power which could assume a critical part to address this emergency. This exploration presents an exhibition investigation of the double hub sun based global positioning framework utilizing Arduino. The primary target of this exploration is whether a static sunlight powered charger is better compared to sun based tracker or not. This work is isolated into two sections equipment and programming framework. In equipment section, four light ward resistors (LDR) is utilized to distinguish the greatest amount of light source from the sun. Two servo engines conjointly used to move the sun powered charger to greatest light source area saw by the LDRs. In programming part, the code is composed by utilizing C programming language and has focused on to the Arduino UNO regulator. The result of the sun based tracker framework has broke down and looked at with the fixed or static sun powered charger tracked down better execution in terms of voltage, current and power. Accordingly, the sun oriented tracker is demonstrated more viable for catching the most extreme daylight supply for star reaping applications. The outcome showed double hub sunlight based global positioning framework created extra 10.53-watt power contrasted and fixed and single hub sun based global positioning framework.

Keywords: Sun tracking system, Photo module, Microcontroller, Solar energy Technology Stationary.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10431

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