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Abstract: The transmission of speech, music, pictures and other information by means of electrical signals is known as electrical communication. Across short distance speech and music are transmitted directly from there source to the listeners by mean of acoustic wave, similarly a picture is transmitted directly by light wave across short distance. Over large distances, wire communication and radio communications are used to transmit such signals, in the latter case it is the antenna system which plays the vital role in the process by coupling the source of power to free space and then directing this energy in some preferred direction. This paper introduce microwave and has briefly presented the history of antenna developments. Middle portion of the paper gives acquaintance with the work done on dielectric antennas. In the last the author has attempted to justify the reason for taking of the problem and has also briefly mentioned the aspects to be dealt with, also discussed the Geometrical theory of Diffraction.

Keywords: Electrical Communication, Acoustic Wave, Wire Communication, Radio Communications, Antenna, Microwave

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.8302

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