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Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) is promising future technology is relied upon to interface billions of gadgets. Expected to deliver more correspondence Data pinnacles and information security can be a risk. This size of the gadget in this engineering is essentially little, low power utilization.  Many rounds of encryption are essentially a misuse of requirements Gadget vitality. Less convoluted calculation, be that as it may, conceivable compromise required uprightness. It is a 64-bit square secret key that requires a 64-bit key to encrypt information. The engineering of the calculation is a blend of feistel and a uniform substitution - to supplant the system Simulation. The outcomes demonstrate that the calculation gives only a considerable security five rounds of encryption. The proposed work demonstrates the implementation of symmetric key lightweight algorithm for secured data transmission of images and text using image encryption system as well as reversible data hiding system. Proposed research have demonstrated faster computation, less complexity and higher PSNR as compared to existing algorithms. In the proposed work we have implemented symmetric key cryptography for various format of images, as well as real time image acquisition system has been designed in the form of graphical user interface. Reversible data hiding system has also been designed for secure data transmission system.

Keywords: PSNR, IOT, Encryption, MSE, Cipher, Symmetric Key, Cloud, Image Processing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.7704

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