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Abstract: Smart Street light is an automatic system that automates the streets. The main aim is to reduce power consumption when there are not any vehicle movements on the road. The Smart street light are going to be get turned ON when there are vehicles or humans on the road otherwise the lights are going to be OFF. With the advancement of technology, things are becoming simpler and easier for everyone in the world today. As a result of automatic control of street lights the power is saved to an extent. The Smart street light provides a way for saving energy which is achieved by sensing an approaching vehicle using the IR sensors then switching ON a block of street lights ahead of the vehicle. As the vehicle passes by, the trailing lights turn OFF automatically. Thus, we save a lot of energy. So when there are no vehicles or humans on the highway, streets then all the lights that remain OFF are being preferred over the manual system.

Keywords: smart city automation, ZIGBEE, MPLAB IDE, DALI.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9406

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