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Abstract: Medicine plays an important part in human’s life for each circumstance. An automatic medic system is acquainted to reduce the man power, time and energy. It is like an ATM through which we get the expected cash whenever & Wherever. The same framework is followed for the medicine also. Medicines for B.P, diabetics, cold, fever, headache, and first aid medicines like bandage, cotton, ointments, sanitary pad and other regularly utilized items can be obtained. The vending mechanism is controlled by the raspberry pi which is a single board computer and the other part of it is the online webpage portal for a user to pay the bill. The device dispenses out the medicines when the user selects required product and pay for it using his mobile phone via UPI, credentials of user are validated from the database and then specific product is dispense from machine.

Keywords: Raspberry Pi, DC Gear Motor, Spring for Vending, Payment Module, GSM Module.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10475

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