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Abstract: According to NCRB, a total of 18051 fire accidents have been reported in 2019.These are mainly due to the short circuiting of circuits and gas cylinders. Overall of the accidents are residential area based.
We can also infer that there has been a significant rise in the probability of fire accidents on the skyscrapers in the recent years. With our current methodology we are not much equipped to extinguish fire in such elevated areas. Unfortunately, in most of the accidents the tolls seem too high. Most of them have lost their belongings and in some cases there has been loss of their faithful beings and even their close ones.
In order to tackle this circumstance, we have come up with a solution which even saves the life of the firefighters who fight the fire at their lives at stake. In our project we have used the principles of aviation, radio frequency to bring up with a drone well equipped with anti-fire measures such as fire sensor, laser targeting, autonomous inspections using GPS etc. are some of the features which is used to detect the fire and to put it off .
Our project, with its sensor will detect the fire and produce an alarming sound and sends a signal to the aviator, with this the first phase is completed, then without further ado, the drone will release a sphere of mono ammonium phosphate combination which gets explode and the compound diffuses, thus preventing the casualties and the spread of fire.
Additionally, the project has an anti-collision system using ultrasonic and auto-return system which has the ability to return to the aviator if the connection is lost using GPS. And the ultrasonic what we are using will guide the drone without getting hit by any of the object on the time of return. This drone is equipped with 360kv motor which can provide maximum thrust of 3kg and we have used four of them and the total thrust is about 12kg and it has stand by time of 25min in air and if the battery is at critical condition the drone tends to return to the aviator. Furthermore, the drone is economical as it built in a small budget.

Keywords: Drone, Modelling, Fire Extinguisher

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.91101

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