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Abstract: The primary goal of this research is to demonstrate that the existing reality of Indian conflict situations is dangerous and unpredictable by humans. Also, with proper modernization of safety measures, there is a need to lower the troop fatality ratio and provide security to the nation without the casualties. In today's environment, everything is delegated to robots and technology to carry out daily tasks. As a result, this article explains how current technology can aid in the protection of the country and our military by making part of their field job easier by combining technology with defence and military. Technology has evolved into a critical component of human life and using it to our advantage in the future is a good decision. When it comes to making quick decisions on the traverse, unmanned pseudo artillery means that the subordinate is driverless and can only operate as a weapon by surveying, tracking, path mapping, data streaming, sensing, and thinking to some level. This contemporary robot will assist us in locating fault sites, assisting injured soldiers, surveying pre- or post-war areas, detecting explosives, visioning the location. The users can control this subordinate from the station controller, which is utilised to stream data and serves as a vision for the controller/soldier. Sensors to identify faults and explosives, as well as a GPS system. This work focuses on the design and implementation of a mobile robot for real-time obstacle detection and prevention.

Keywords: Security, Surveillance, IoT, Robot, Esp32.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10308

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