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Abstract: COVID-19 is both a global health crisis and international economic threat. The worldwide lockdown of companies and industries that were implemented and mandated to curb the spread of the virus generated a good array of unique and fundamental challenges for both employees and employers across the globe.
At the individual level, populations of shutdown affected employees were turned overnight into
• “Work from home” employees,
• “Essential” or “Life-sustaining” workers (e.g., emergency room medical personnel and supermarket staff)
• Furloughed or laid-off employees seeking the nation-specific equivalent of unemployment benefits.
This project automates the entry/exit of the employees in any industry or workplace, by detecting their body temperature automatically as the employee checks in, maintain and analyse the data for future reference.
It provides a low-cost hardware integrated solution for employee management system especially during Pandemic Situation. This automated solution enables the Employer to maintain a safe working environment for their employees, periodically check his Employees health data, their vaccination details, swab test reports etc.

Keywords: Automation, Body Temperature Sensing, Pandemic Management, Health Security.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9307

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