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Abstract: As of 2020-2021 is concerned, major problem the globe is facing is uncontrollable spread of Covid-19 Pandemic. Coronavirus is the new virus that has been identified in humans which is the cause of disease called COVID-19. Within no time the virus had spread all over the world and was declared as the Global Pandemic. The virus can easily pass from person to person which make it spread rapidly. To stop it’s spread it very important to detect it and also take as much as preventing measures possible like maintaining proper social distancing and avoid unnecessary touch on any surface and time to time sanitization of hands. One of the common and major symptom of Covid-19 is fever hence the human body temperature is one of the major parameter to detect the infection in the person, if the person is infected by corona virus the body temperature increases. Here we describe the design of automatic contactless temperature detector. This temperature would not include any human interference for measuring the temperature. The body temperature is automatically monitored and the alert message is generated if the person’s body temperature is high. We also discuss the design of Automatic contactless sanitizer dispenser, which will avoid the touching of sanitizer container and it will prevent the spread. Here we also design a robot that will be used to monitor whether the social distancing is maintained in the campus or not.

Keywords: avoid unnecessary touch, automatic contactless temperature detector, sanitizer container, human body temperature, social distancing, body temperature increases

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9521

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