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Abstract: Environmental as well as economical issues provide a compelling impetus to develop clean, efficient and sustainable vehicles for urban transportation. Automobiles constitutes an integral part of our everyday life, Yet the exhaust emissions of conventional internal combustion (IC) engine vehicles are to blame for the major source of urban pollution that causes green house effect leading to global warming. The dependence of fossil fuel as the sole source of energy for automobiles and also it has economical and political implications. The crisis will inevitably become acute, as the oil reserve of world diminishes. The number of automobiles on our planet doubled to about a billion and so for the last 10 years. The increasing number of automobiles introduced on road every year is only adding the pollution problem. There is also an economic factor inherent in poor energy conversion efficiency of combustion engines and also the fuel conservation is becomes poor. In future we won’t able to get an sufficient fuel in earth. Due to this issue some companies have started to research for the fuels and some companies have invented electric powered cars depends upon the problem comes in future and some people have also discovered the engine which is powered through water. Every who ready to powered through water are facing an issue that storing of hydrogen. It is not an easy task to store the hydrogen it needs to be given a lot of energy to store as a solid state because hydrogen is highly flammable. Instead of storing gaseous state is has been stored in the solid state. In this case they faced an issue of wastage of electricity for converting gaseous state to solid and again solid state to gaseous state for the hydrogen powered cars using the concept of fuel cell. To overcome these limitations, here in the CONTROLLING THE INJECTION OF FUEL FROM HUMAN LIQUID EXCREMENT THROUGH AURDINO is introduced to reduce the electricity wastage ,drive an automobile vehicles eco-friendly and drive an vehicles using human waste this device is working based upon the electric power not with any kind of fuels and it is eco-friendly and user friendly

Keywords: Future fuel resource, embedded system, real time, microcontroller, eco friendly.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9209

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