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Abstract: This system used to maintain and controlling earth resistance. The earth resistance is maintained by controlling moisture of earth using moisture sensor. Soil moisture sensor senses the moisture of the soil and gives data to the micro-controller. If moisture decreases microcontroller operates motor through relay and water supplied to soil. Also we can se the status of moisture content of soil whether the moisture is present or not on (LCD).Also when any fault occurs the fault current flows through earthing and gets grounded, so in the proposed system instead of grounding the fault current we are storing that fault current in a battery through rectifier. And when battery gets fully charged then the battery gets disconnected by relay and fault current continues to flow from earthing to ground. The fully charged status of battery will sense by (vdc) and then it will give command to relay to disconnect the battery.

Keywords: VDC - Voltage Divider Circuit, LCD - liquid Crystal Display

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.8317

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