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Abstract: In today’s world, people get too busy with their job and find less time for shopping. As we know during weekends shopping malls are much crowded and after shopping it’s a tedious process to stand in a long queue and wait for billing to happen. The bar-code-based billing process fails to be on par with the speed of the billing process when it has many products to be scanned. Thus, it is time-consuming and inefficient. So, for this reason, people nowadays undergo online shopping which has got huge drawbacks like quality issues. To overcome this issue, there are many technologies used. RFID technology is one of them. Instead of scanning laser light reflections from printed barcode labels, an RFID scanner recognizes the location and identification of tagged things. It leverages low-power radio frequencies to collect and store data. In this survey, we examine the use of different techniques such as Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), Global System for Mobile communication (GSM), Microcontroller, etc. for the smart trolley. This concept “Smart Trolley” aids us to save time and brings the billing process to be on par with the busy days of the customer. This unique smart trolley system can be easily implemented and tested on a commercial scale and can be made used as a real-time scenario in the future.

Keywords: Microcontroller, RFID, Wireless sensor network, GSM, Smart trolley

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10745

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