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Abstract: This paper presents control characteristic according to controller input signals of the energy storage system in a hybrid wind-diesel power system. The wind power system frequency and the diesel power system frequency are used as controller input signals for control characteristic comparison of the energy storage system. Parameters of the controller according to a input signal of each controller are selected by using the genetic algorithm. In order to evaluate each controller’s performance, the computer simulations are performed for the wind power system disturbance and the diesel power system disturbance. The frequency characteristics, wind power output characteristics, diesel power output characteristics, and output characteristics of the energy storage system are investigated for each disturbance case. Simulation results show that the controller designed using wind system frequency responds faster to wind system disturbance and the controller designed using diesel system frequency responds faster to power system load changes.

Keywords: Wind Power System, Diesel Power System, Hybrid Power System, Energy Storage System, Genetic Algorithm

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.7903

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