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Abstract: In the fast-moving world there are lots of bikes theft occurring in day to day life. This bike theft occur even when we park them. With utmost security even in the presence. There are many techniques which have been used and implemented to prevent this technique which some have had a little impact while some of them had none and have some major confronts in vehicle designing and are tedious process. In some cases even though the victim register the complaint to the nearby police station they don't take any effort to find and locate that as it also takes long time to locate the place of the vehicle that was stolen the system we are developing will make their job easier as its help them in doing so. People will be more secure and stress free over their vehicle. The technology which we implementing is sensors the automobile will have fingerprint sensor installed in which it helps to safeguard the vehicle in terms of theft every automobile driver has to authenticate with their respective fingerprint in order to drive the automobile accessing with the fingerprint reads the details of a particular driver with previous stored data and all necessary details. Thus, if the sensor placed detects the false fingerprint then the automobile will be immobilized in order to avoid this situation we have come up with the idea of storing 3-4 trustworthy people fingerprint in addition to this in order to know the where about the vehicle we are used GSM and GPS technique which will send information about the vehicle to the whatever number is stored in the device. We can also directly send message to the police station for immediate action does by implementing this technology we can prevent the possible theft of vehicle with much ease and at lower cost.

Keywords: Fingerprint Sensor, Prevention of Theft, Gsm, Automobiles, Gps, Arduino Uno Atmega 328

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.8315

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