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Abstract: The project is to improve the productivity of a small-scale industry named “BOSE BRICKS AND BLOCKS, Chimur Road, Pahami, Maharashtra-441203” which construct bricks using fly-ash. All the materials are mixed in the pan mixer which is driven by a 3-phase motor. Then the slurry made by mixing all these materials is passed to the hopper with the help of conveyor belt. The Pressing Unit forms the brick which is controlled by a commercial programmable logic controller (PLC) while the conveyor belt is still manually operated. The productivity of “BOSE BRICKS AND BLOCKS,PAHAMI ” can be improved by-

Automation of Conveyor belt using PLC. The slurry when moved from pan mixer to the hopper a man is required to operate the switch of the conveyor belt. This manual work requires attention as well as time to fully fill the hopper as well as to empty it. If the conveyor belt is made automatic with the help of PLC it will reduce the man power and increase the efficiency of the plant.

Keywords: Bricks,blocks, PLC,automation

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2020.8514

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