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Abstract: The most common view of any construction site today is a set of scaffolds margined around the walls of the buildings with labourers hanging around those scaffolds struggling to reach here and there with a full stretch of their body. Also, most of the times the surrounding environments are very unhealthy that is almost an unbearable situation for the workers, forcing them either to quit or to welcome some deadly consequences to their health. The painting chemicals can cause hazards to the human painters such as eye and respiratory system problems. When construction workers and robots are properly integrated in building tasks, the whole construction process can be better managed and savings in human labour and timing are obtained as a consequence. In the proposed project we designed a prototype of an Automated Wall Painting/Designing Robot that works on the concept of image processing technique using LabVIEW Software. The proposed algorithm manage to function on both Normal Wall Painting and Interior Wall Designing.

Keywords: LabVIEW Software, wall painting, robot, image processing.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9530

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