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Abstract: Automatic tiles cleaner is a system that enables cleaning of the tiles by the help of highly stabilized and rapidly functionalized electronic and mechanical control system. Current project work targets to use automatic tiles cleaner for large tiles in house-hold purposes and office tiles. The cleaning purpose is specifically carried out by continuous relative motion between a scrubber and the tiles surface. During the cleaning and moving operation of vehicle a propulsion mechanism such as driven wheels and guide wheels for the dry tracking on the floor surface to be cleaned, suction of water is carried out by vacuum pump, scrubbing action is done by the scrubber directing water towards rear end. Preferably, a sweeper mechanism is mounted on the body forwarded by propulsion mechanism and operated with such control system for advance sweeping of a debris-laden floor surface. A PID controller is used to govern the motion of system which takes the input from sensor circuit and feeds it back to microcontroller which gives rise to the simulation of wheel in a synchronized manner. The new automatic floor cleaner will save huge cost of labor in future. The basic advantage of this product is that it will be cost effective and no human control is needed. Once put in on mode it will clean the whole room without any omission of surface.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10708

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