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Abstract: An infant warmer-incubator constructed to provide a controlled air environment about the infant. The incubator maintains the proper environment in an "open" or "closed" position and will permit resuscitation, technical procedures, surgery or routine nursing care of the infant as with a crib or bassinet. In the "closed" position some nursing care may be performed while in the open position it may serve as an operating table and not materially disturb the controlled environment for the infant. The presently known and now utilized infant warmers and incubators fail to meet the demand for careful treatment and care of the premature infant. To date, there is not an incubator operating table available to the medical profession. The procedure now used is to heat the whole operating room for premature infant surgery. There is not in existence a closed incubator system which accurately maintains an environment of desired temperature, humidity, and weight of the infant since they require circulation and thus consistency is hard to achieve. The proposed system is used to overcome the disadvantages of existing warmer system and provide safety to the infant. The main objective of this project is to control the humidity and temperature parameters of warmer based upon IOT. To convert the mode of acquiring information regarding the measured temperature through android application. This system will be used to control the multiple warmer at the same time and also reduce the man power.

Keywords: Microcontroller, Humidity sensor, Arduino, IOT

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.71104

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