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Abstract: Sericulture principally refers to the production of silk by the parenting of the silk producing organisms. In the present world when everything can be controlled and operated automatically, there are still a countable important sector in our country where robotization has not been borrowed or not been put to a full-fledged use. One similar field is the sericulture. The reports from the Central Silk Board suggests that India ranks second in the world for total silk production, but it's only 15, as 85 of it's from China. This low quantum of silk production is due to the lack of robotization in sericulture process. This administered system involves the eradication of the difficulties faced by the agriculturists in manual sericulture farm.

The system involves the combined operation of the Microcontroller and GSM module providing automated control features to the farm and the user. The temperature automatically, the temperature, and humidity are recorded by the sensor to which fan with cooler effect and heater is connected when more than the required temperature is noted, then the fan will automatically on and makes the temperature suitable for the survival of silkworms. In the winter season’s the temperature fall below the required temperature, the heater gets on and provides proper temperature. After obtaining the proper temperature, the fan and heater get off automatically. To monitor the temperature from a remote location, we use two thermostats. One is inside of the silkworm shed and another is outside of the shed. So, that is how the temperature was increasing and decreasing in a total day. For every 15 min, the reading of thermostats was automatically sent to the remote location for storing and monitoring of temperature in the day, week, month, year. By using this procedure, the problem of continuous monitoring can be reduced manually, analysis of temperature was estimated.

Keywords: Silkworm, Sericulture, Wireless Sensors, Microcontroller, GSM, Temperature, Humidity

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10304

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