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Abstract: Healthcare supply chains are complex networks that span organizational and geographic boundaries and act as the structural foundation for a variety of services that are necessary for daily life. Due to the inherent complexity of such systems, it is possible to introduce impurities like false data, a lack of transparency, and a shoddy data provenance. The creation of spurious pharmaceuticals, which not only has a significant detrimental effect on people's health but also costs the healthcare industry a lot of money, is one effect of these limits within the present supply chains. The need for a robust, end-to-end track and trace system for pharmaceutical supply chains has thus been highlighted by a recent study. To assure product safety and eliminate fakes, the pharmaceutical supply chain needs a comprehensive product recall procedure. Healthcare supply chains encounter difficulties with concerns relating to data privacy, openness, and authenticity because the majority of track and trace systems now in use are centralized. In this study, we suggest a block chain-based strategy for effective product tracing in the healthcare supply chain that makes use of smart contracts and decentralized off-chain storage. To ascertain how successfully the system can enhance attributability inside pharmaceutical supply chains, we test and confirm it before providing a cost and security analysis.

Keywords: Healthcare Supply Chains, Track and Trace System, Pharmaceutical Supply Chain, Attributability Pharmaceutical Supply.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10712

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