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Abstract: All over the world, people severing from heart diseases are increasing dayafter day, now it's more important tofocus on this destructive problem and provide a good health care and remote patient monitoring.An effective monitoring system has been discovered to monitor patients by implanting an IOT based pacemaker which monitors and gives complete diagnosis of the patient.
In this we will develop a method of ECG monitoring for patients that can provide a detailed information, it senses the magnetic field variation due to current pulses. The device will start collecting ECG information and send it directly via Wi-Fi to the IOT cloud. Reviewing ECG data through the cloud has led to the alleviation of the problem of the inability of the doctor to monitor the patient from the home, the device also helps to discover the magnetic field that confuses the pacemaker by giving the patient a warning.

Keywords: Pacemaker, IoT, Cloud, Sensor, Thinkspeak, Fuzzy controller

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.91111

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