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Abstract: This assignment affords the general layout of a Home Automation System (HAS) with a low value and wi-fi gadget. This gadget is designed to help and offer aid that allows you to satisfy the wishes of the aged and disabled with inside the domestic. Also, the clever domestic idea with inside the gadget improves the usual of residing at domestic. . The transfer mode and voice mode are used to manipulate the house home equipment. The video remarks is acquired with inside the android software which streams the video of IP- Camera. The important manipulate gadget implements wi-fi generation to offer far flung get entry to from clever phone. The layout stays the present electric switches and gives greater protection manipulate at the switches with low voltage activating method. The switches repute is synchronized in all of the manipulate structures wherein each consumer interface suggests the actual time current switches repute. The gadget meant to manipulate electric home equipment and gadgets in residence with a enormously low value layout, consumer-pleasant interface and simplicity of installation.

Keywords: Android, Raspberry Pi, WIFI, Automation, Fan, Light.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9561

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