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Abstract: The testing of the engine is useful for giving the idea about the overall performance and the emission of the engine. Now a day, the emission factors which are coming out of the engine from the exhaust line affecting the environment on large scale or we can say, the emission coming out of the engine is playing the vital role in the air pollution. We have to reduce the emission factors, so we will be able to maintain the healthy air in the environment. As we are only focusing on the engine emission, we have to analyze the engine. The analysis of engine is the combination of the performance analysis and the emission analysis. For analyzing the engine, we have run the engine in the particular emission cycle.  The output of the emission cycle is giving the idea about the engine performance and the engine emission. And, this paper is giving the idea about the whole testbed setup, emission cycle, norms of emission for the diesel engine.

Keywords: WHTC, WHSC

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.7407

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