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Abstract: For the requirement of clean energy there is an increased dependency on the renewable energy resources like Photovoltaics cells. A PV panel normally generates low dc voltage that need to be boosted before converting it to ac voltage. Therefor an isolated high gain dc-dc converter is proposed to obtain a high voltage gain. The converter is a cascade combination of the boost and buck boost converter. The Incremental Conductance (INC) method is employed to track the maximum power from the panel and it will offer a smooth transition to the maximum power point. To improve the dynamic performance of the high gain dc-dc converter a double closed loop control strategy has been used. A simulation of the proposed system is modelled and evaluated with desirable results in MATLAB/Simulink.

Keywords: DG – Distributed Generation, PV – Photovoltaics Panel, MPPT – Maximum Power Point Tracking, PWM – Pulse width modulation

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.7212

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