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Abstract: Railways is one of the old and developing mode of transportation. Railway transportation offers reduced time travel, energy conservation etc., This mode of transportation plays a major role not only in transportation but also safety of humans traveling in it. In this modern era of technology, we develop many technologies to protect human life but we haven’t seen one installed in train. Our paper is mainly based on providing a emergency medical module in trains, so that it can help people in emergency situation in train. We propose a controller-based technique to give first aid support to the emergency patient and the details will be transferred to the loco pilot by implementing this technique to save the life of emergency patient in travel. We use Arduino Mega as controller and heartbeat and temperature sensor to sense the patient’s heartrate and temperature and IOT to transfer the information.

Keywords: Arduino Mega, IOT, Heartbeat Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Emergency medical module

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.9203

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