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Abstract: Ultrasound imaging may be a largely used medical procedure, attributable to its low value, non-invasive nature, safe and capability of forming real time imaging. The quality of ultrasound image is affected by the presence of signal dependant noise referred to as speckle. It tends to cut back the medical practitioner interpretation and designation. The pattern of speckle depends on image tissue structure and various imaging parameters. Noise removing in ultrasound image may be a difficult task in image process. Speckle may be a multiplicative noise in nature. Multiplicative noise removal is harder than additive noise. Many number of hybrid filtering approaches are introduced for speckle reduction in ultrasound image. we have a tendency to focus on hybrid filter such as, Modified Median(N4 max) and Modified Median(ND max) for speckle reduction in abstraction domain. While reducing speckle noise, it is to think about that sure speckle contains useful data and should be retained. Performances of all filters are measured in terms of MSE, RMSE, PSNR and Efficiency. 

Keywords: Test image, Speckle noise analysis, Modified Median (N4 Max) and Modified Median (ND Max) filter,  Reconstruction, validation

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2018.6119