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Abstract: In recent years ANN methodology has been effectively used in flood water level prediction model. Moreover most of the works on flood predictions only concentrated on flood model but no prediction on time was proposed. So flood water level prediction is a fresh avenue to embark on in level to give early predictions which is proposed. This work proposed 4 years a head flood level of water prediction using enhanced ENN model for general rivers which can be in any places. So this approach can be applied on any area with any river for flood level of water. The results of actual Elman Neural Network structure indicate with less accuracy so this work extended with enhanced ENN model was introduced. The ENN performance indicates the results which concluded that enhanced ENN which is versatile than the actual ENN framework with significant improvement from the actual ENN framework which can be observed when the enhanced ENN was started. 

Keywords: Flood water level prediction: Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Elman Neural Network (ENN), Enhanced ENN

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.7412

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