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Abstract: The main review is based on Morcellators which is surgical tool that doctors use to cut bigger chunks of tissue into smaller once, usually during laparoscopic surgery we intend to built prototype of low-cost morcellators using dc motor controlling .By studying techniques of PWM and various other morcellators. Now days the cost of abdominal surgery is high the main reason behind this is the surgical cost involve in this process.The machinery is mostly imported from German countries as a result the cost is high so we intended to build an morcellator which is low in cost and built in India. We are mainly using PWM property of Atmega328 to control the speed of motor.Also SMPS to control the input voltage and DC Buck converter to step down input voltage and IC7805 to give input voltage to our IC

Keywords: Laparoscopy,Morcellators,PWM,Atmega328p.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10461

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