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Abstract—Increase in population is the significant purpose behind quick development of innovation and vehicles, which is additionally liable for some number of mishaps in this quick moving world. Numerous passes are caused because of the absence of crisis administrations. Along these lines, in this undertaking we intend to give crisis administrations to the individuals who meet with a mishap as quickly as time permits. At the point when a vehicle meets with a mishap, promptly the accelerometer sends varieties to the Arduino and subsequently the Arduino sends the alarm message through the GSM MODULE, including the area which is distinguished by GPS MODULE to recently spared crisis contacts. In the event that the mishap is not serious, at that point the alarm message can be ended by the driver by a key gave. This paper points in giving crisis benefits as quickly as time permits for future extension, we include numerous applications like liquor recognition and rest discovery and so forth.

Keywords: GPS, GSM , ARDIUNO

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.10467

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