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Abstract: This paper presents a study about the utilisation of the E-learning platform Moodle in Government Polytechnic College Palakkad. Moodle has enhanced the online teaching learning process along with the traditional teaching since 2014 in the computer department. Since the COVID -19 pandemic has collapsed the normal lifestyle of people across the globe, all the departments of our institution have migrated completely to the moodle to conduct classes online. This paper aims to analyse a questionnaire given to a group of students and teachers to identify the effectiveness of moodle. This paper examines the effectiveness of moodle from the teacher's perspective as how it can be used for conducting classes, labs and assessments. This also investigates how effortless is to access the learning materials, perform lab activities and submit assessments from the student's perspective.

Keywords: Moodle, Questionnaire, Teacher’s perspective, Student’s perspective.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2021.91105

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