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Abstract: Life of an individual depends on basic five senses in which ability of vision is probably the most important one. Fulfilling the daily tasks of life becomes extremely hard for them. This can lead to difficulties which can only be temporarily subdued by some assisting personal and cases exist where certain situations might be fatal, not only for the individual but also anyone in the surrounding environment. The World health organization (WHO) statistics indicate that a large amount of people experience vision losses because of which they encounter many difficulties in everyday jobs. To date numerous method have been processed to enhance the lifestyle of visually impaired and blind people.Here,our goal is to structure a modest, secure shopping trolley for blind people, which assist them in grocery shopping. It provides guidance to identify and purchase their products. Which contains a Raspberry Pi, as well as an RFID reader, a headset and motors. The person’s speech is used as input, through Raspberry pi, input will drive the motors to the desired direction. RFID tags are provided for product identification and the detailed information of the item is send to the person via headset. All things in the trolley are logged in the IoT and printed at the bill section.

Key words: RFID, Ultra sonic sensor, DC servo motor and Bluetooth.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2022.101210

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