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Abstract: Boost dc-dc converters are employed to uplifting the level of voltage from input to a higher output level. This paper presents a review on voltage boosting techniques and their application for step-up dc-dc converter. These boosting techniques comprise switched capacitor, voltage multiplier, multistage, magnetic coupling and switched inductor (voltage lifting). All of these techniques consider demerits and merits depending on applications in term of efficiency, reliability, cost, power density and complexity. Due to many difficult topologies and additional components, these techniques can not to define frame work of boost dc-dc converter. Therefore, boost dc-dc converter present clear picture to clarify several techniques of boosting up the voltage.

Keywords: Coupled Inductors, Multilevel Converter, Multi-Stage, Boost Dc-Dc Converter, Switched Capacitor, Switched-Inductor, Voltage Multiplier

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.7607

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