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Abstract: In recent years, software engineers are thriving to develop reliable and stable applications for embedded systems. Logging utility plays an important role in recognizing the errors and faster debugging process by being a back-burner activity. Software application logging is helpful however it has cost also like memory, battery life, etc. Moreover, previous examinations on logging show that optimal logging is challenging for software designers. The aim of this study is to orchestrate significant investigations on techniques used for solving various resource challenges while logging. One such technique is Variable rate logging (VRL) which stops the recording of the log when no change in state of activity is observed. The standstill and indoor/outdoor detection algorithm are used to achieve VRL. For memory management different storage techniques are used. Log records are stored in flash memory to keep a record of recent read/write operation to ease the debugging process. One more memory management technique used for applications interacting with database are in-memory write-ahead logging (IMWAL), this ensures no duplication of the data to be stored. In the end, various guideline to generate high quality logs are discussed.

Keywords: Logging techniques, Software applications, Maintenance and Debugging.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2020.8521

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