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Abstract: Our paper aims at designing a student attendance system which could effectively manage attendance of students at institutes like NIT Rourkela. Attendance is marked after student identification. For student identification, a fingerprint recognition-based identification system is used. Finger prints are considered to be the best and fastest method for biometric identification. They are secure to use, unique for every person and do not change in one’s lifetime. Fingerprint recognition is a mature field to- day, but still identifying individual from a set of enrolled fingerprints is a time taking process. It was our responsibility to improve the fingerprint identification system for implementation on large databases e.g. of an institute or a country etc. In this paper, many new algorithms have been used e.g. gender estimation, key based one to many matching, removing boundary minutiae. Using these new algorithms, we have developed an identification system which is faster in implementation than any other available today in the market. Although we are using this fingerprint identification system for student identification purpose in our paper, the matching results are so good that it could perform very well on large databases like that of a country like India (MNICPaper).

This system was implemented in Matlab10, Intel Core2Duo processor and comparison of our one too many identification was done with existing identification technique i.e. one to one identification on same plat form. Our matching technique run sinO (n+N) time as compared to the existing O(Nn2). The finger print identification system was tested on FVC2004 and Verifinger databases.

Keywords: Attendance Management Systems, MATLAB, Fingerprint Recognition, Matching Techniques

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.71004

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