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Abstract: This paper presents a low cost DC-DC converter design for uninterruptible power supply for Mini Telecommunication Tower (MTT) utilizing solar power as its main energy source. The proposed design is based on boost topology switched mode power supply with a simple voltage control mode controller but maintain good efficiency in its operation. This converter is set to operate at high switching frequency in order to produce a decent and high power-to-volume ratio design. Passive low pass filter is implemented to produce a very low ripple output voltage in the design. Experimental results show that the proposed converter interacts very well with the constructed choke design. Output voltage is regulated at 48V and switching frequency is set at 30 kHz to minimize the switching stress and conduction losses. Practical implementation of the converter shows that the converter operates effectively using commercial 18V solar panel and only produces 20mVp-p ripple output voltage which is considered good for a regulated DC output.

Keywords: Boost Converter, UPS, MOSFETs, Low Ripple, Regulated DC

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2019.7601

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