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Abstract: This paper presents the method of the Flywheel Energy Storage System (FESS) controller using an Immune Algorithm (IA) to efficiently damp low frequency oscillation and to enhance power system stability despite the uncertainties and various disturbances of power system. The controller is designed based on acontrol theory and a quantitative feedback theory using the immune algorithm. The FESS controller is designed in which all QFT bounds are satisfied and thenorm is minimized simultaneously. The norm, QFT bounds and damping ration have been used as the objective function of the IA to optimize the FESS controller. The dynamic characteristic responses by means of time domain nonlinear simulations have been investigated under various disturbances and various operating conditions to verify the robustness of the FESS controller. The control characteristics with the FESS controller have been compared with that of the conventional Power System Stabilizer (PSS). The simulation results show that the FESS controller has more excellent performance to improve the stability of power systems than that of conventional PSS.

Keywords: Flywheel Energy Storage System (FESS), Quantitative Feedback Theory (QFT), Immune Algorithm (IA), Power System Stability, Power Systems Stabilizer (PSS), Control Theory

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJIREEICE.2018.6112