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ISSN Online 2321-2004
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Abstract: A system to facilitate the collision avoidance capabilities for marine vessels during ocean navigation is presented in this project. This proposed concept also helps to safeguard the ship crossing the border and guides them to go in a right path and save their life. This idea helps in locating the ships and fishing boat using GPS system. This information is transmitted using wireless mode to the control system. The Bluetooth technology helps us to communicate from both the end that is the ship and the control system .Similarly the temperature and humidity is also calculated using respective sensors. Ultra sound sensors is used to avoid ship collision .All the information related to the process is sent to the micro controller unit and process take place .Microcontroller is pre-programmed in such a way to undergo the process .Similarly the border crossing alert is sent to the coast guards from the controller section through the Bluetooth module.

Keywords: GPS, Ultrasound sensor, Microcontroller, Bluetooth