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Abstract: With the rapid growth in population, industrialization, urbanization large amount of wastes are being generated. The accumulation of different kinds of waste (harmful and harmless) are a result of the improper disposal scheme followed in our country. Due to this, waste lies littered in the surroundings, dumped on open lands and becomes a major threat to the environment. So, waste management becomes an important concern for the health and well-being of the society. Segregation makes it possible to reuse and recycle the waste effectively and the economic value of waste is best realized when it is segregated. So, it is very crucial to have some system to manage waste automatically which is currently not here. So, our idea is to make an automatic waste segregator which can identify the different types of waste and put them in different bins accordingly and automatically. This paper proposes a novel method where the provision is given to separate out metallic, non-metallic waste and plastics into respective bins with the help of sensing action of different sensors incorporated along the conveyor belt. Here we are using AVR (Atmega 16) as the main component, to control the entire process with ease and simplicity. The sensing unit consists of IR sensor, a metal sensor and LDR and laser assembly to detect and identify various types of waste. The main architecture of the segregator comprises of three prominent stages. They are the sensing stage, segregation stage and the crushing stage. The IR sensor marks the entry of waste and is also used to check the level of the bin. The piston compresses the plastic so that a single bin can hold up to 2 times more waste than a normal bin. The wastes moving through the conveyor belt will be moved into the different bins by using a flap mechanism. The AVR controls all the activities of sensor and flap mechanism.

Keywords: AVR -Advanced Virtual Risc, LDR- Light Dependent Resistor, IR- Infra Red