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Abstract: Access control has been a great concern in the information and communication era. In this proposed system we try to reinforce the security of conventional ATM models by using password authentication method combined with biometric identification technology. Biometric refers to automatic identification of a person based on his/her physiological characteristics. Biometric introduces its own challenges such as being irreplaceable once compromised. Biometric authentication is achieved by capturing the fingerprint and facial features of the client. Then the system will check for user’s identity. If it finds valid, the ATM machine will ask the customer for 4 digit code. The 4 digit code is automatically generated by the system as OTP which is sent to the customer’s registered mobile number. Here the customer has to enter this code. The system checks for the validity of the code. If it is found valid bank transaction starts and the customer is able to access his account. Provisions are also included for securing the ATM terminal from fire and theft attacks.

Keywords: ATM machine, Authentication, OTP, Biometric